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Countdown MEME

Seeing as I am back earlier than planned - and haven't ridden, I thought I would fill up that time constructively ... yes, I'm doing The Countdown MEME that I have seen first on rivertempest , and then on dawnofme  and mabel_marsters  LJs

Hope you are all having a good day out there in your section of the world

10 things I wish I could say to people.

1 - No!

2 - That doesn't actually make any sense at all.

3 - You decide - I can't. 

4 - Why don't you just listen to what I'm trying to tell you.

5 - Do what I told you to do - it is to try to make you feel healthier.

6 - Look at the time, we're going to be late.

7 - Can't you hurry up, there's nothing here I want to buy (I hate shopping!)

8 - When you tell them no - mean it - Don't change your mind in 5 seconds.

9 - Why don't you just ask me?

10 -  I love you (hard words - but no one around!!)

Nine things about myself.

1 - I hate saying no to anyone.

2 - Most of the time I am annoying as I see a positive (but weird) answer to all problems

3 - I believe in God, The Trinity, The Bible (etc) - don't think you will change that - but I don't mind being challenged, either.

4 - My procrastination is getting worse!

5 - I do have a fast temper, but have learnt to walk away, as it is usually only family that sparks it..

6- I am the most insecure person you are likely to know. 

7 - I don't sulk - and hate people who do.

8 - Once I have made up my mind about someone, I never change that opinion - and usually that decision is made as I say Hello!

9 - If you are a friend - I will stick by you whatever happens..

Eight ways to win my heart.

1 - Tenderness.

2 - Honesty.

3 - Respecting my family and friends - you don't have  to love them! 

4 - Be willing to do things I want to do..

5 - Be there for me, even if it is in the background.

6 - Share you thoughts. 

7 - Let me me open ... and "me" 

8 - Love me! 

Seven things that cross my mind a lot.

1 - Why am I single?

2 - What should I do with my future?

3 - Wish I could get Mum and Dad some help in the house and garden.

4 - Wish I could settle and get on with those W.I.P.s 

5 - Life is great. 

6 - Don't I live in a beautiful part of the world. 

7 - James!!.

Six things I do before I go to sleep.

1 - Drink a large glass of water - and a vitamin B tablet..

2 - Get undressed.

3 - Turn computer off.

4 - Read.

5 - Pray.

6 - Check if I need to set the alarm clock at a different time.

Five places that I want to visit.

1 - California.

2 - Italy

3 - Scotland

4 - Malta

5 - Friends that I only know on-line.

Four things I'm wearing right now.

1 - Black tea-shirt .

2 - Pink crop trousers. 

3 - Undies!

4 - Rings - on 8 of my fingers/thumbs.

Three bands I listen to often.

1 - James - des that count?  If not I can say Ghost of the Robot, as I do listen to them!

2 - The Beatles

3 - Glen Miller Band 

Two things I want to do before I die.

1 - Be married. 

2 - Know that my nephews are happy - in whatever they decide to do in life.  As I do for all my family and friends, btw.

One Confession.

You all know a lot about me - what can I say?  I have lived a boring life!!

I did once slam Ben's foot in a car door - panic .... Then couldn't find the door handle.  He was brilliant, considering his breed!  We made friends, and I do miss him terribly.  (Toni's Alsatian)

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