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Murky Monday!

He was happy to see me this morning - that always makes my day, when he walks towards me ... even though I know it is probably the carrot that is more his focus!

We strolled in and I started the attempt to get him groomed - wet and muddy as he was, and loosing his summer coat - "yukky" pretty much described DJ today!

As I opened up his tack storage area (an old chest freezer) a baby swallow flew in - made me jump.  I moved most of the stuff, but was scared of squishing it, so left about 1/2 the stuff there.  I told Toni about it when she came out - and she asked her husband to see if it was still in there or had flown out while I was grooming - he rescued it - so that was a happy end to that story.

Toni brought in Smudge and the 4 of us set off to meet Ros and Shadow - and then down to the Church and back.  When we left it was raining, then just damp and dull - although by the time we were almost back, the sun came out.  It was good to catch up - with news as well as get the horses settled around each other - we alternated up and down in position, which kept them all both relaxed, yet focussed.

Once home, DJ was quite warm, even though he was plaited, so he stood for a short while, before a feed and out to his field - for a roll, of course!
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