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What A Lovely Morning.

The sun came out just as I walked down the fields to meet up with DJ, so although he was wet, at least it meant the rest of the day would be good!

We strolled in together and after his carrot-reward, he snoozed while I groomed.  The disadvantage of keeping his tail and mane long and tidy, is that they soon tangle, and it is then very noticable ... still, it gives good "us" time.  Just as we were finishing he heard Shadow walk up the road, so stood looking over his door waiting for him to emerge ... Ros didn't go far, so within a few minutes we heard them walk back ... and DJ settled again!

Toni brought in Junior, and the 4 of us just went round the block.  It was lovely to be out in the sun ... even though it was amazingly breezy for an August day.

Then back, and a feed ... and the extra luck of Toni's daughter and grand-daughter arriving just at the right time ... in the DJ had an extra carrot before that long and arduous walk back to his field!

Now he has the rest of the weeke and weekend off to recover!
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