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Do Prisoners Still Sew Mail-Bags?

Well if Jiffy behaves as "well" tonight as he did last night - it will be first degree murder ... not manslaughter!!

Yes, I have Mum and dad and their year old West Highland terrier staying with me for the weekend.  Jiffy is a sweetie - most of the time, but last night he "slept" in my room, as my I only have the one bathroom (and M&D are used to an en-suite) ... But Jiffy isn't used to "neighbours".  I live in a terraced house on a quiet road - but Friday night there are people coming home at odd times, then the neighbours bang a door, then Mum or Dad gets up to use the loo - or .... or ... or ...!!!

So, suffice it to say I am actually asleep as I type this! - Well Jiffy is, anyway.  Poor boy - he has to catch up with all that lost sleep, doesn't he.

So - if tonight I murder him can I claim lack of sleep as a mitigating circumstance .... or would it only be dog-slaughter I would be charged with?

if so - and I am left sewing mail bags, when I am not breaking rocks in a quarry, can I ask one of my friends to please bake me a cake with a file in it??
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