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Hanging Around - But Being Good!

In other words, I am not procrastinating, but have actually got things done this morning.

I have had to stay around as I am meant to have people arriving here before noon ... it is now almost 1pm (as I start this) and no sign of the men!

I live in Bude, North Cornwall, and the town has actually been given a grant by the Government to receive money for cavity wall insulation, as we are a deprived area (I aid deprived ... not depraved!!). So, I now wait to get gloop pumped into my walls .... All I can think of is episode 2 of Blakes 7 (lets see whose memories are working ... the rest it wont mean a thing!)

So, first thing I got the time of the farrier changed to Wednesday - as he had left me a message saying he could do DJ ths lunchtime.

I then went and got new tyres ... and the great thing is the old ones get re-cycled by Toni, as she uses them for obstacles when training Smudge.

My next job was to sort out my business web page - as the hosts had managed to delete sections of it! So, it is now back up again, and working. The douby annoying fact is that they didn't actaully tell me (other than in one e-mail, that must have ended up in my SPAM filter that it was down!). Still - all OK ... and as I can't really remember what it looked like, I hope it's OK for a start - I shall re-look at it next week when I have had time to think - Its here if you want to see.

My fainal task of the morning was to post off my Spark & Burn results.  One of the chatagories was really hard to decide, one really obvious ... the other somewhere between the 2.  But, let me hasten to assure those on my f-list, I read the fics without titles or authors ... so in all but one case (this time) I haven't a clue what one I am reading - so I honestkly try to be as fair as I can.

There are some amazing authors out there - I just wish I had 1/2 your talents!

Oh well, still no guys - so I'll put the kettle on and get on with the next of my tasks to be completed today!

Tags: fan fic, osteopath, rl

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