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Making Up For Yesterday!

"What a difference a day makes"

He was such a good boy today - strolled in and stood while I groomed and plaited him (tail and mane today), then tacked him up and headed off to meet Ros.

As we were walking up the road someone stopped to ask me about riding lessons ... and again DJ was great - even when the lady walked straight behind him, and patted him on the butt - some people have to concept of the strength of a horse, or the amount of training that they go through to accepy such idiots around them!  But, as I said he was great.

We met up with Ros and Shadow, and only went round the block as Ros was busy - so we trotted most of the way.

As the sun was shining we got back quickly, but hot - so I spent some time settling him and grooming him before he had a small feed and back out to his field ... where he waited tll I was out of camera angle before getting down to roll - so no picture to shre ... but one very muddy (and happy) pony!!

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