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Hanging Out Your Undies On the Line

I am doing a bit more of my decorating - and had the radio on.  It is amazing what you end up hearing.

Apparantly, in areas where people have space it has again become trendy to hang out your washing - as it helps cut down on carbon emmision caused by running a tumble drier.  Well I could agree with that - although I have a drier I very rarely use it.  Where I live is quite windy so washing gets dry quickly, although I may have problems if I but some new pegs that are available - SMART PEGS ... that wont re-clip if there atmosphere states that rain is coming!  In North Cornwall - light rain still doesn't deter me, as with the wind it still dries.

But I have also found out that I am in the minority - 

I hang my undies on the line.  I am not ashamed of my undies - but apparantly undies are not being hung out any more ... So - Does this prove that I am kinky  ... or not??
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