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Wednesday Weather!

Well, Ros and I have said over the last few years, when we only met on Wednesdays, that it was normally lovely - and today was no exception.

DJ had a tyring night I should imagine as he slept while I was grooming him - but we had heavy rain (again) so I suppose thats not very restful to live in!

Today, as well as groomed and plaited, I did add perfume ... well fly spray, but told the boy that it was really Chanel for Men ... sunds more exotic for him.

We walked up and met Ros and the 4 of us went to the village (via the valley) and back - a lovely ride, on a lovely day - but very busy.  The village had a fete on this afternoon, so lots of things getting ready (!) - and add in the holiday makers to a normally busy farming community, things were hectic.

DJ however got a 10 out of 10 again - because even on the couple of occasions that Shadow lept arround DJ stayed calm - acting as the escort he was, this morning.

He was very hot when we got back, so after grooming him a bit I let him settle, while I gave the yard a good sweeping, so he was cool enough to feed and take back to Conrad ... and of course to get down and roll!!
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