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Monday - Another Week Started.

... And it started in style!

I was very lucky when I got DJ in this morning, because as I walked into the stable the rain started ... and continued all the time I was grooming him and tacking him up, so Toni got wet getting Smudge in. 

However by the time we were ready, the rain eased and it was a lovely day.

As none of us can ride tomorrow we had a longer than average ride, round the village, as well as down to the first valley ... which is lovely, very English-countryside, but a ride DJ hates ... you go down, means you have to come back up the other side!  Although he is fitter than ever he still actually mumbles while walking uphill!!!

So we haeded back with the rain holding off, and then it was time to feed him, before he could go back out to his field to tell Conrad how hard he had to work today!!!
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