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Not Another Meme???

The weather is still raining - I have no patients, so am meant to be thinking about what my future holds ... instead I am meme-ing ... or is my icon more correct??  Blame kaczurda , as I snagged this from her!!

Lots of pillows or just one? 

What kind of books do you read? 
I read The Bible every morning - varying versions present I am reading The New Living Translation.
I love Spuffy - there are some brilliant fan writers out there - Thank you so much.
Other than that, I have enjoyed the Harry dresdon series, thank you James (and Carolyn) for introducing me to them ... but if I have time for a soak in a bubble bath, then (sadly) I have to admit it's a cheesy Regency romance!! 

What's the cutest thing you've seen today?
DJ handing me back his bucket!

ZOMBIES OR ROBOTS: Which apocalypse is scarier? 
Saw Zombies on Buffy, and Robots on Dr Who.
Hard to say - I suppose the logical side of me would say that in this day and age there will be a computer prog available to sort out the robots ... or maybe cause it!!  So, can I opt for neither?? 

What's really creepy?
Insects, arachnids, slugs ... they've either got too many legs, or none at all!

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Spike - so BtVS!  And Spuffy of course!
I still love Blakes 7, and Star Trek Voyager, as well.

What flavor ice cream would you choose right now?
Mint choc chip.

What websites do you always visit when you go online? 
LJ, web-mail, CDS 

What was the last thing you bought?
Carrots for DJ this morning.

How do you think you'll die?
I don't know - or want to know.  I presume it will be of old age, as I have aged releatives for generations, on both sides ... there again, being accident prone, it would be nice to go out in a freak accident that made the National headline ... LOL
I know when I do, unless I change, my brothers will have to get a very large skip to empty out the junk in my house!
I hope that I have got to complete the few remaining things on my to-do list ... not many there, but I doubt if I will complete it.

Do you get cravings? If so, what do you crave? 
Spuffy stories.
Caburys milk chocolate
And ... !!! 

What do you do to change your mood? 
Pray, read, mumble on LJ 

What is your zodiac sign?

Do you want to learn another language?
I learnt French for 7 years and still failed the exam - so don't think languages are me!

Five things you can't live without.
1) Faith.
2) Family and friends
3) DJ, Jiffy - in other words the 4-legged peple in my life.
4) News, and pictures of James! 
5) A good Spuffy story.

Find the closest book currently sitting near you and flip to page 54. What is the first sentence of the second paragraph?
The second nearest book - The Princess Bride.  The neares was a Bible, and that didn't have paragraphs in that version!
"But then she really set to work"

What's something you'd like to say to someone right now?
I pray for you health and happiness every single day.  (That is a few people that are genuinely on that thought!)

What are you looking forward to? 
Seeing James in February - I hope. 
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