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A Winning Day!

Well, in DJ's eyes it was!

Ros and I had spoken at about 8.15 and as the weather was due to clear, we said we would meet later than normal.  And, admittedly, when I went to get DJ it was only light rain, and still warm.  That, in itself is a winning combination for him - he is a Connemar pony and designed to live on an Irish Moor!

As we walked in the rain started to get worse and I was alrady soaked once back in his box.  As he had been a good boy and walked in quickly, as well as his carrot, I gave him a small handful of hay.

He was wet, so sprayed conditioner on his tail and mane and concentrated on brushing, then combing them.  The rain continued, so I again spoke to Ros, and we decided enough was nough ... so now I had the hard task to inform DJ that he would only have one thing to do before going back to his field - eat a snack!

Somehow he semed to cope well with that news!


As I have often said he passes me back his bucket, and today was no exception, although, sadly, as I got him and bucket in shot, he let go!  But you can see that he had done it!


So, now fed, back to his field to tell Conrad what a hard day it had been!

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