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Happy 6th Anniversary, DJ !

As I walked to see DJ today, he came trotting across the field - which meant such a lot - especially today.  As he munched his carrot I reminded him that he had been in my care for 6 years.

When I lost Jaykub, Toni took me back to her house that evening, and walked out to the fields for me to see horses again - Secret, her baby came over, and much to my shock made a fuss of me, and ignored her.  Then DJ came over, and Toni gave him to me on permenant loan ... the rest is history!

This morning it was with mixed thoughts she and I got ready to meet Ros.  A hard day for all 4 of us -

Jaykub was my first love.
Toni was with Jaykub when the vet came, and held him as he died ... and had to phone me.
Smudge was Jaykub's best friend - and mourned badly for weeks
... and DJ has had to cope with me for 6 years!!!!

Ros and Shadow arrived, and we just went up the road and back.  Toni made DJ and myself take the lead for the first section - and DJ was well behaved.

Although we didn't go far, it was very busy this morning.  But all 3 boys were all well behaved - so that made it a good ride, and although windy, the sun was shining, so I am pleased in the way today's anniversary went.

Back to his stable for a feed, another cuddle, and then back to his field to recover from the stress of counting all those hard days he has had!
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