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Moonshot - Just A Few Thoughts

This is just a short post with a few thoughts about Moonshot.  I saw the film twice last week - the second time was to watch it with Mum and Dad ... so a double reason to squeeee ... I could share James with them!!

My overall thought is that the film was too short - I needed more, not just more James, but the whole film was great.

There were some truly memorable scenes IMHO ... and I have listed those in no particular order behind the cut, in case any of you haven't seen it.

I think it was well integrated between actual scenes and the film.  (The lip sinc was great, as well)   I also liked how it started and finished with Buzz Aldrin - reminding us that it happened.   I also liked it that the scenes went back to the early days - and showed how they were all involved in the actual planning and testing.

The scene where Buzz is talking to his wife about going to the moon ... so "James", but so great to see her reaction - My Dad really loved this scene as well ... and laughed at her comments about him just being in the way.

James voice breaking as he phones his dad!

I loved the scene of the 3 wives chatting - and wished that had been longer.  It brought home what amazing men and women they all were - as Mrs Collins comments on his dread that he would be returning alone.

How brilliant for them to want to report an un-identified flying object!  As well as seeing hte actual panic that they felt when the engines didn't re-ignite immediately.  Re-inforcing how strong these people were.  As Neil tells Buzz - "We are on our own up there"

The look that Buzz and Neil give each other as Mike comments on them stepping on the moon surface.

The whole debate about who would be that first to take that first step ... we all knew it was Neil, but hadn't thought about the debate that had gone on beforehand.

And - of course ... the shower scene!!!!


So, 40 years ago, I watched the actual event with Mum and Dad ... and now the film ... An amazing story, and just bautiful to watch James given such a role.

Tags: apollo 11, james, moonshot, mum and dad

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