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"No Peace For The Wicked"

I don't know what DJ proved this morning - but when I arrived he was fast asleep - Thus he was telling me he was good ... so, what did I do .... Remind him it was Monday morning and he had to both wake up and stand up ... and get some work done.  Thus I proved he was wicked and had to be busy!!!

Yes, he and Conrad were sprawled out in their field fast asleep - Poor boys!

Still, at least I had DJs carrot with me, so he got up and walked in.

We had a good groom, plaited mane and tacked up; then along with Toni on Junior and leading Smudge we met up with Ros and Shadow and headed off.

It was a bit cooler today - no flies ... and no roadworks, so we were able to go on a bit longer route today, and they all seemed to enjoy it.

Then back - and fed, in time for the sun to be breaking through, which meant DJ could go back to his field, and back to sleep if he wanted ... Having a good roll first, of course!!
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