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My Missing Childhood!

Let me start by filling you in on one thing - which might seem a bit obscure as this is obviously a DJ story - but from the age of 9 to 18 I was a victim of bullying.

Now - what has that to do with DJ I can hear you asking ... Just this ...

How many of you "girls" played at being a hairdressor with your friends in that age range? Well - I had my chance today!!

Toni, Smudge, DJ, and I had a lovely ride - through the forestry where there is a really lovely long canter, so it was fun. The weather was great, we could have a laugh - I at long last could tell her the details of my "James experience"(!) and she could tell me about the meal that they had been to at Rick Stein's restaurant. So it was lovely. Once back it was to have a coffee while DJ and Smudge cooled down ... well and dried off, as they were both sponged down!

While we were having our coffee she was showing me some weaving she had done - and commented that she used to decorate the carriage horse (at the stables) with similar ... and so offered to show me.

So we went out to DJ's ... yes, his mane is beautiful as you have seen in his (other) pictures and as all her horses have no mains, and the horses at the stables had never had long manes (and my hair is always short - again, you have seen my picture with James) ... then first I actually had to learn how to do a basic plait ... Yes - Sorry to admit it - but I had never, ever plaited hair!   We then progressed on and did a couple of other designs. 

Sad to say I didn't have my camera with me - so DJ was able to have it all combed out and escape to the fields before I took his photo and posted it for the world to see!!
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