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You Just Have To Love This Diagnosis!

Yes - I saw the specialist this morning as I had been back to the doctors 3 times about the cough and breathing problems that I was having after the chest infection that had started in mid-April.

Fortunately it was the local cottage hospital I went to - as our main hospital is about an hours drive away (minimum) and the appointment was for 9am.  The doctor was on time - and I actually had a 20 minute appointment - so that was great.  He asked loads of questions - did loads of tests and then pronounced his diagnosis.

Shall I put it behind a cut in case it is too traumatic for you to read?  No - I will be brave ... He told me ...

That I had ...

(wait for it ...)

A .... COUGH !!

How about that - years at college and he told me what everyone else who has seen me in the last 2 months has told me!!
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