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Oh No - Monday Morning!!

... And what a start to the week poor DJ had, made even worse by the fact that I didn't report back to his friends yesterday. So, withapologies from me, I will get on and tell you how the poor boy had to start his week!


As I drove to see DJ yesterday, I stopped at 2 different shops for carrots - there were none to be had. So, I thought I could borrow one of Toni's ... no luck, she had been competing over the weekend and they were still packed in the horse-box, somewhere.

To say DJ wasn't pleased to see me was putting it mildly - even though I had taken out a handfull of his feed in a bucket. It was only as Conrad came cantering over that DJ thought he ought to see if he could get some as well!

So, once I had given him some, he was "OK" about walking in!

Then in, he had to suffer my camera on him from time to time, as I had promised a few of you some photos ... They are here, if you missed them yesterday.

So, poor boy, a tough start for the week.

We went out with Toni and Junior (Smudge was recovering from a busy weekend), and with Ros and Shadow.  We went up to the Church and round the village. 

DJ decided that having been so good last week, he would continue that, but also he wanted to keep going at a good pace.  Which was great, but didn't really want to listen to me when I asked him to slow if one of the others wanted to!

Once back, he had a feed, and then back to his field - and a good roll, just as you saw in the photos!


Right - now I must get off to the shops and buy some carrots ready for tomorrow!!

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