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I Am Not Going To Waste My Day ... I Hope!!

I am brilliant at procrastination ... but today I am going to aim to be a good girl!

My plans were all altered at the last minute.

Today, I'm not in Plymouth as I have no work there ... and can't go to Mum and Dad's as I have a conceret here this evening.

I had hoped that Mum and Dad (and Jiffy) would come up for that and stay the weekend, so i could spoil them ... but the weather forecast is poor, so it seemed silly for Dad to do the drive - especially if it also meant he had to drive in the rain.

I have had a bit of a lie-in ... but now I am promising myself to get on, and not waste the day.

Yes, I will check my f-list, but then am off to take a picture of the venue for tonight to post here ... then get some long-awaited jobs done.

Well, that's the plan ... Lets see if I can stick to it!


And on a seperate note - can I just say "Gulp" for last night's Torchwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tags: housework, mum and dad, orchestra, rl, torchwood

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