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DJ - Two For The Price Of One!

Don't tell him, but I forgot to type up his report yesterday.

We got ready and met up with Ros and Shadow and went down to the Church and round the village ... and yet agin, one very good boy.

I think with doing the work of helping Shadow, and the fact that Smudge hasn't always been around has been realy good for him.  he has had to focus and put his skills to work. 

Today I noticed that he has a much brighter walk, even when we are only strolling along.

Today was warmer - so although a good boy, he also had to cope with flies ... and we had decided to do a bit longer route as well!

Shadow and Ros were again our only companions ... and Dj is again helpful, both in taking the lead if needed, and in pacing Shadow while trotting.

So, all in all, I have been really impressed with his week - he truly deserved his carrot ... and I didn't even moan at him when, once back in his field, he got down and rolled.
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