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"It Must Be Tuesday!!"

Well that is what DJ must have thought today!

It was lovely and warm in his field - and all his friends were circled round the central water trough.  Yes - there are 4 field and in the centre is a large trough - and all the boys were there (Junior was noticable in that she was keeping her distance) - Dread to think what the 5 boys were talking about.  So, poor DJ had to be dragged away from his gossip!

When we got to the stables I knew I had a bit of time - so was able to give him a good groom ... but to his horror he had tail-and-main spray ... I tried telling him that it is still manly to have hair spray (you should see what my youngest brother does to his hair!) ... but DJ didn't seem 100% convinced.  He did stand there while I sprayed him, brushed it in and combed him to look good.  So I suppose he was learning to "put up with life" today.

Toni brought in Badger and we had a lovely but quiet ride around - we were out for about an hour, and met very little traffic - although what we did see was usually going round corners too fast!

Then back home.  he was quite warm so he had to stand and rest for a time before I could feed him.

Once he had been fed his normal thing to do would be to go out to his field - but not today as Conrad was coming in for the farrier to trim his feet.  (For those who don't know .... Conrad is a 3 year old, unbroken [already] 16.3 hand horse who shares DJ's field.)

So while I was waiting for Toni to go and get him in I decided that as DJ's hair looked beautiful he ought to also have lovely legs!  He doesn't have feathers but like most native ponies he grows long hair on the backs of his lower legs.  So out came the scissors ... and while I was about it I trimmed the hair on the inside of his ears!!

He was a good boy throughout it all, but I bet he is glad he has tomorrow off as my hospital appointment has turned up.  I didn't tell him that when I took him out - but did assure him that he had been good ... with a mint to prove the point!!
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