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Birthday Update

I must start this by saying that I have been so overwhelmed by the love and friendship that you have all shown me.

I knew that over the last year or so, some of you have become really great and real friends - and that friendship has amazed me more than you can know.   However, the last couple of days have truly left me speachless, and normally only meeting James can do that!

Thank you seems so small a thing to say, but I truly mean it.

The day started with a text message from aa_eve_aa  ... and then during the day, I had greeting from so many, which I am going to list in alphabetical order, as you all made my day so special, made me feel important, I never want to forget that ... so, THANK YOU

auntiero   camkin   colored_leaves   cordykitten   cryssiemarsters   curiouswombat   deborahw37   deird1   downunderdeb   elisi   empresspatti   girlmacbeth   jaded_jamie   jamalov29   kalinda001   kazzy_cee   kudagirl   larabeckinsale   lilachigh   louise39   lupina78   mabel_marsters   missus_grace   mountainheather   oldgreymare   petzipellepingo   pfeifferpack   red_sunflower   rivertempest   sarian71   seductivembrace   shatteredfuture   slaymesoftly   spikereader   telynisblessed   ukchrisp   winsomeone   winterwater   xheartrockx 

The wishes, and thoughts were beautiful.  And the cards that some of you made me, noteably Kuda, Mabel, Kalinda made me, are beautiful ... as are the e-cards that I had.

And, last but not least, my cake that red_sunflower  gave me ... no calories, and only 1 candle ... so no dig about the other 47!!!

You have all given me more than you can ever realise - Thank you, one and all.

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