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Just Playing Catch-Up!

I am going to be posting in a random order today - so thought I had better start wioth that warning.

Yes, I know I was MIA yesterday - not even a photo, and in fact the one I took won't be up till later as I am typing this in Plympton.

Wednesday was great - more about that in a separate post!

Yesterday was manic  ......

I started the day by going to see my osteopath - something I had been needing to do for months - the stress of last year, the chest infection of this year (and last year), my occupation, my hobbies ... and my general thoughts of the future, are not good for general problems, let alone the multiples of old injuries I deal with - LOL

So, I came home and went back to bed - with Jiffy as a teddy bear ... so not 100% bad news!!!

Then just before lunch, I had a dental check-up ... No problems, well, that was until she examined me - 4 fillings!!!!!  2 in one front  tooth, and my remaining baby tooth needs looking at, as well!!!

So, back home for lunch - cheesed off!

After lunch, Mum had a lie down, which is unusual, and then admitted, she couldn't see out of her eye ... so eventually I managed to persuade her to go to Casualty.  To cut a long story short - she has damaged her cornea, nothing serious, but because she refused to admit when the pain started, she got into a worse state.

She is the most impatient person I know.  She got to see a consultant under 4 hours after addiving, but stll complained how slow things were - and threatened on many occasions to go home.  So, partly sitting on her, I kept her there - she now has cream and drops, and a check-up booked for a week.

Needless to say, by the time I got home again, I was well and truly frazzled - no time for LJ - just time have tea and to play with Jiffy and have an early night!

So - I will slowly catch up as the day progresses - Very little work to do - great to catch up - bad for the bank balance, though!
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