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What a Week ...

... and it hasn't finished yet.

Firstly, I couldn't get to a computer Saturday morning - so missed out on a chance to get to see James at Milton Keynes. I have a ticket for the concert - but although I am REALLY looking forward to that - I would love to have got the other ticket as well. Oh well - Next time ... I dream ...!

Then yesterday underthis_shade made me a banner for my first fic "It's All A Question Of Timing" ... so that has improved my week greatly (Sadly not as good as the ticket - but great) I have been able to add it at bloodshaeverse, but can't at BSCentral (although I emailed and was told that they didn't know how to help me ... So if you can ... please let me know)

Well that's enough scribble - I am off to write some more Christmas cards .... while being VERY jealous of all who have those illusive tickets!
Tags: banner, james

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