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Another Day - Another Challenge!

Having not seen Toni for about a month we had a lot of chatting to do ... Well she really wanted to hear all about James, didn't she?

As she wasn't riding we gossipped, until I realised that I was, by now, running late.  so out to the field - called DJ's name (he was in the far corner .. of course) and all I got was a look that said "Do you want something?"

Yes I did - Him!

Oh well - across the field I run ... and in he comes ... well - sort of.  Blades of grass dared to moved, leaves fluttered - all things that had to be glared at this morning.  He knew I was late, didn't he?

Anyway he was brushed and dressed in faster than fast time - and we headed out to be met by Ros and .... Cherry waiting for us.  Yes, Rags has gone and Ros has a new horse - so now DJ's challenges increased.  Cherry is only on a weeks trial to see how she does - so DJ decided to test her!!  Actually she passed.  I don't think she "gets" DJ ... but then only mad people do.  He kept looking at her - maybe as she is a mare he hopes that his operation will reverse - or maybe he was trying to work out how far to push her!

Still we were out for an hour - and managed to avoid the rain - so that is great!

Amazingly (?) when we got back home and he had eaten DJ walked briskly out to his field ... Arrrrh MEN!
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