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Catching Up With DJ

Actually I didn't have to "catch him" today, I think he was quite glad to see me, both for his carrot,, and so he could tell me all about the tractors that had been working both in and around his field!  It hadn't stopped him rolling though!

As we walked in I wondered what he would make of all the hedges etc..  However if you expect an animal to react, they don't!!  Once in, there was time for a good groom - and getting him tacked up and plaited, in time to be ready at the same time as Toni and Junior.  Toni's husband yet again laughed at his appearance, with his plaits he tells DJ that he looks like a girl!!  For those who missed the picture, it is here   And, what Toni's husband doesn't know is that being Thursady, when DJ goes back to his field he will have hair spray on him as well!!

We met up with Ros and Shadow and went down to the Church and round the village.  DJ was a bit bouncy, both as it was windy, and to remind me that he hadn't seen much of me this week!  But, all in all it was a good ride.

Then back, and time for a quick groom, and the tail & mane spray, before eating a feed, and back out to his field ready for his weeken off.

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