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Just Saying Hi!

I am not working today - no patients (see this is what I mean about needing a new direction in life), and didn't ride this morning, as having spent most of yesterday in bed I was a bit week at the knees this morning.  Still, when I phoned Toni she said that DJ was tired, as they had been using a tractor to dig ditches and do some hedging, both in his field, and the next one over ... so he had a busy day yesterday!

Anyway, I don't want to let my day drift, I sorted some stuff out, and while doing so came across a jumper that I had knitted the back of, ribbed the front, and stopped!  So, I have started it off again.  Being plain stocking stitch it is easier to knit than my jumper with a pattern, as my hand injury has really been playing up recently.  So, I have taken a pic and will post in a minute!

I am also wanting to get back to my 3 fan-fics that I have been working on at various times - but procrastinaton is winning that argument at present!

And, to cap it all - t's raining, so I don't even feel like going for a walk!

Oh well - there is so much in life that is great - counting my blessings is something I am really enjoying doing again, so I'm not going to let today get to me ... if you don't have the downs, how on earth can you appreciate the ups?

Tags: dj, fan fic, injury, knitting, rl

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