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Icon Meme

I have just snagged this from cryssiemarsters
Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than 50 icons, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have it, why it's interesting to you, what significance does it have.

I have 34 icons -  so here are my 6 (in no particular order).  I am going to buy some more as there are so many other Spike and James icons I would like - but this is what I choose at present.

I just love the final trust that Buffy gives to Spike - and his acceptance.  This icon was made for me by indigodiaries

This was my first icon I had and was made for me by auroressnebula.  Ultimately - whatever else happens I am a Spuffy fan - Spike can't really be with anyone else - he is a one woman man!

This was made by kazzy_cee and may be a bit silly - but it's true.  If you need to drool about something, or someone then it has to be Spike!

This was made by earth_vexer ... and what more could you ask for ... James Marsters!

I made this from a picture I took at the Union Chapel Concert in May ... Wow ... My first ever concert - and James - What more could a girl ask for.

And finally - just as a small comment on my first ever fan-dom, that is still quietly ticking along, thanks to LJ!  Blake's 7 ... I made the original icon, but snowgrouse kindly improved the font for me.
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