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Catching Up With Yesterday!

Yesterday DJ and I along with Toni, Junior and Smudge, as well as Ros and Shadow just went round the block.

It was a really lovely day, but seemed to have a lot of traffic on the road. 

It was good to catch up with Toni's break at her father's and at her mother's as well as letting DJ have a simpler ride.  Although, in the end, Shadow was in a bouncy mood, so DJ workd as rear escort - easier for him, but not the lazy stroll he had been hoping for!

Once back, I made plans to meet up with Ros this morning, fed DJ and took him back to his field .... he was bucking as he went!!!!!!!!  Toni's husband was topping the tracks, so the tractor was around him, and DJ was showing off, as well as showing that he would fight back if needed!  Still we got to the field K, he then got down and rolled, and took off across the field to go and play with Conrad.

~ ~ ~ 

I then came home - and about 1/2 hour later started feeling ill - and basically the time I didn't spend on the loo (TMI) I have spent asleep, just getting up for a short time this morning to check mail, and phone Ros!  I woke up this lunchtime and walked into town to go to the bank, and take a photo for the 366 meme, and am now catching up with LJ.

It's at times like this I am glad that I don't have any work!!
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