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3 Wednesdays This Week!

Well, in the course of a normal week DJ only meets up with Ros on a Wednesday, so, for the third day in a row we made our way down to see Ros and Shadow ... and escort them up the road.

We did the same trip that we did on Tuesday, but in reverse order (!) and DJ was again a great support.

All in all it has been a good week for both boys.  They have both gained experience and confidence, as well as giving them the chance to be out and doing something different.

When we got back, Ros had an apple for DJ, which was something he had always refused to eat tin the past - but like most kids, he proceeded to make me out as a lier, and munched his way happily through it!

Still it was worth it, to see him happy, and know he had been good this week ... Now he has a well deserved long weekend break ahead of him.

One happy pony!
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