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Females Like To Look Their Best ... Even If They are Horses! 
25th-May-2007 10:54 am
Adventure before dementia

My last day of horse-sitting, for a time and after a month it will be nice not to have that responsibility at the back of my mind.

I drove out this morning to check on them - 5 geldings and 1 mare:-

DJ and Conrad both looked like they had been rolled through the largest mud pie and then dragged backwards through half a dozen hedges.
Badger, Smudge and Secret's rugs were all completely cork-screwed ... so that for all 3 of them the right side of their body was naked and the rug was all puckered up under their tummies - I am glad, for their sakes, that they are only fly sheets that they have on.
Whereas Junior the only mare, looked pristine.

So obviously it had been a boys night out on the town - maybe a stag night (or should I call that a "gelding night") ... Although even Spike looked still asleep - he hadn't moved from the bed section of his box.

Still Toni gets back today and I am off to my parents for the long weekend - while my brother and sister-in-law have this house.  So I really shouldn't be wasting time on LJ when I should be hoovering and dusting!

Have a good Weekend!

25th-May-2007 10:23 am (UTC)
*waves* Have a good weekend. I've been very LJ light over the last week, spending most of my time in the garden, cutting stuff down, and planting pretty things. I'm taking the girls to Wales for much of half term, so won't be around much next week either.
25th-May-2007 11:35 am (UTC)
(Still here) - So it gives me chance to wish you and the girls a greta W/E with your family - Hope the weather is kind - still it will be a great holiday.

I'm not a keen gardener and fortunealty only have a small space - but I spent wed sorting it all out - so at present it is looking OK (ish)

Have fun - *waves back*
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