Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Females Like To Look Their Best ... Even If They are Horses!

My last day of horse-sitting, for a time and after a month it will be nice not to have that responsibility at the back of my mind.

I drove out this morning to check on them - 5 geldings and 1 mare:-

DJ and Conrad both looked like they had been rolled through the largest mud pie and then dragged backwards through half a dozen hedges.
Badger, Smudge and Secret's rugs were all completely cork-screwed ... so that for all 3 of them the right side of their body was naked and the rug was all puckered up under their tummies - I am glad, for their sakes, that they are only fly sheets that they have on.
Whereas Junior the only mare, looked pristine.

So obviously it had been a boys night out on the town - maybe a stag night (or should I call that a "gelding night") ... Although even Spike looked still asleep - he hadn't moved from the bed section of his box.

Still Toni gets back today and I am off to my parents for the long weekend - while my brother and sister-in-law have this house.  So I really shouldn't be wasting time on LJ when I should be hoovering and dusting!

Have a good Weekend!

Tags: dj, weekend

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