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Protecting His "Herd" From An Advancing Herd!!!

.... Well, that's his description!!

It was quite cool and damp this morning when I brought DJ in, but by the time I had groomed him it had warmed up, so not too bad a morning in the end.

Once plaited and tacked, we headed down to meet Ros and Shadow and head off for a ride.

Again DJ settled into his escort duty ... he tends to be much more observant, but less reactive to what is going on - I am pleased that he knows that part of the job that he did when we worked at the stables.  About 1/2 mile up the road, we were walking round a slight bend when a herd of sleeping cattle in the field stood up ... and as one was right by the gate, Shadow spun and went to run ... but DJ, was marvellous, stayed still looked at the cattle and listened to what I was telling him ... so much so, Shadow calmed and returned to stand next to DJ and look at the cattle, before we proceeded on our way.

Then round the next corner came one of the biggest tractors you see in our area ... but we turned into a gateway, and again DJ didn't move as it passed.

As Ros had twisted her hip, when Shadow had spooked,  we only went round the first block, before heading back via the cattle and then on home ... A job well done.

So, the meal and a carrot was well deserved, before he went back to his field, one accomplished boy.

Then it was time to feed Toni's 3 before I could head home for my own lunch!!


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