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One Brave Boy Today.

It was at least dry this morning, although a cold wind was blowing.  Still, DJ had been busy eating since the last rain had come and "power washed" him, so that was another bit of good news.  he was basically looking pretty clean ... so it was nice to be able to give him a groom, and get him looking as beautiful as can be.  If you missed the picture of a sparkling boy, look here ... it also shows you how his colour is with this summer coat.

I tacked him up, and went up the road to meet Ros and Shadow ... por boys will now think it is Wednesday today.

Ros is selling Shadow, as he is getting too much for her to handle, so DJ had to be reminded he was on escort duty ... and escort he did!  So much so, that even though he is usually the slowest, he walked out at a nice even pace and if Shadow slowed kept looking behind to make sure was all OK.  So, as I said, what a great boy he was today.

We got back, having gone down to the Church and back by a different route.

The back, to feed DJ, and once he was back out to his field, back to feed Badger, Junior and Smudge, as Toni is away for a couple of days.

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