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Wednesday - Again???

This morning we decided to ride early, which seemed a great idea when we were hot yesterday, but not such a good idea when the alarm went off this morning!

DJ was quite happy though, he is stuffed full with grass, and it was still cool enough for him to be willing to do something ... providing it's not too much!

A quick groom, plaiting and then Toni & Smudge and DJ & I met Ros and Shadow.  We had planned to go through the wooods that we have done in the past, but they are doing some felling at present, so decided to just do a short circuit round and head home quickly.  Having said that Toni also decided it was fun to play - and to see if she could wind up DJ, so she kept removing an ear from his "hat" which I tucked back in ... then (eventually) it was both ears, which she then put down his face, then back across his mane ... just so that she could play with his forelock.  The even better news is that DJ was not at all phased by this ... although just as she finished playing we met a huge lorry, that did send his ears twitching, but he was well behaved.  A full tummy of grass does wonders for a boys attitude to life!

Then home and a feed, before taking him back so that he could explain to Conrad how tough life can be.

And, as we were early ... plenty of time for a cup of coffee!!
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