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You Know You Are Having A Weird Day ...

... When you get told off by a pigeon.

Yes - that was this morning.  I decided not to ride but to have a day getting jobs done around the house, as I wasn't working this afternoon.

So first thing this morning I drove the 15 mile round trip to pick up some feed for DJ well as getting bird seed and a cucumber for Spike.

When I got to Toni's - as I was getting out of the car, Percy the pigeon flew down and hopped up and down in front of me.  Well I was an hour later than normal arriving - although I did point out that I had bought him some more food - but all I got was more wing flapping and then flying towards the area he is fed.  He must be male - a one-track mind!

All the horses were fine - DJ was pleased to see me as I wasn't carrying a rope with me, only a carrot - so he thought I was great.

So one job done - and back home to garden.  I am not a keen gardener and only have a small garden - but will admit that it looks good to have cleared it, planted a few extra plants and generally tidied up.

Now I must get the house cleaned as my brother and his wife are yet again coming for the weekend - and yet again I wont actually see them.  They come after I leave to go to Mum and Dad's and leave before I return.  So long as I hide the chocolate biscuits from my brother everything is OK!!  So - I'm off to make beds and hoover and dust!
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