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Monday - But A Lovely Start To The week

As I drove to see DJ this morning it was with the windows open - a lovely day.  Mind you, we almost had a major disaster on our hands - I stopped at my normal shop to get carrots - and they hadn't any in stock!!!!!  So, stopped in the next town and the crisis was averted!  When I arrived I spoke to Toni who said that as she had been doing some work with Conrad, ready to sell him, she had been giving DJ a small amount of feed each evening - so he has been a lucky boy!

I got DJ in from his field, and gave him a good groom - great to be able to groom without getting coated in hair.  Still I did trim the long hairs from the backs of his lower legs - so still hair to throw away!

Toni brought in Smudge and once tacked (and plaited) we headed off up the road - didn't get far, when we met Ros and Shadow returning.  Ros told us she is probably going to sell Shadow and get another mare!  Yes, it doesn't suprise me, even though Shadow is lovely, he is young and wants to play, so it's not easy for him as he lives by himself.  Toni offered that he could live down on her place, but Ros prefers to be independant.

We didn't go far, as ros delayed us and it was warm out.  Still, DJ ame back fairly warm - so a groom to settle him, befre a small feed, and then back to his field - so he could .... roll!!!!
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