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One Very Wet ... And Very Cold Boy!

I went out to see DJ this morning, as the plan had been to ride - but the weekends wamth had gone, left with a cold wind and torrential rain.  I got to Toni's the same time as Ros, to say she wasn't going to ride, which proves how bad it was as that is the first time I have known her to call it off.

We went and chatted to Toni and then I walked out to DJ to give him and Conrad a carrot - only to find them shivering - yes, they were shaking.

So, I gave them their carrots and went back to speak to Toni, who then moved Conrad, while I took DJ into another field, with better hedges, but less fencing ( a worry for escape-artist DJ), but the moving and the change of scenery soon had them galloping around, which thawed them out.  DJ went to speak to Smudge, and the electric fence caught him, so hopefully he will respect the tape for another few days!

So, although it was still raining, I was happier when I left as they were both now settling down to eat the grass in their new (temporary) home.
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