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5 Word MEME

I have just had a patient fail to arrive, so have time to do the 5 word MEME. Earlier in the week I asked curiouswombat for 5 words and these are the ones she gave me:-

Riding, Orchestra, Camera, Family, Sharpe.

So, below the cut are the answers!!

When I was 21 I was run over!  So went any thoughts of riding!  I grew up in East London, so it had been too expensive - now this!
At 33 a neighbour approached me about helping their poin-to-pointer, and I had a few treks as payment.  Then at 35 I met Toni, and she asked my advice about an elderly pony, and I made the mistake of asking would I ever (as a nervous adult) learn to ride .... she made the bigger mistake of saying yes!
I still get nervous, although I love it.  Horses are amazing animals, as they can work out what mood you are in.  They will annoy you, tease you, but also love you.  They are tolerant of beginners, but don't suffer fools!
It is a great feeling to relax and enjoy the scenery, and to see the view over the hedges.
I ride in all weathers, that is safe, and am just happy to spend time with them.
When I worked at the yard I did most styles of in-house competition ... pony club, dressage, x-country, show jumping ... and he/it/chase (whichever you call it!)

I am not soloist material - like with the riding, the nerves paly a part.  But it is great to be part of the 45-50 people who put on a performance.  We, hopefully, bring the music to life.
I am very lucky, in that when I joined we were a small simple group, which has grown in numbers, and standard, so I have had the chance to develope with them.
You have to work as a group, for the good of the group, so what with that and the individual practice I have to put in, I love the challenge.
I don't like more than half of music we play, but most I learn to appreciate.  I play 1st clarinet, which can be very exposed, but on the day, adrenaline helps me cope!
My favourite composer, btw, is Beethoven.

I have always loved looking at, and taking pictures - and like most people hate having my picture taken.
I love capturing events, olaces, family, friends - However much we try to remember, our memories often need that help.
Back in the 90s I did a City and Guilds, and again enjoyed the challenge of taking pictures I wouldn't otherwise have thought about.
I always worry that I bore people with my stuff, and as ever lack confindence ... although LJ has helped me with that a bit.

As most of you know I was bullied at schooll.  That meant no friends, so family became my friends.
Add to that my denomination of being VBrethren, where we have very strict upbringings, it means I spent a lot of time with my family.
Now, I love that support (even if occasionally I feel Mum and Dad forget I am 47!), and count them as friends - as I do my brother Tim and his wife.  I love my brother Nick as well, but there are other problems going on there!

Sharpe is a series of books telling of a seargent who was promoted by Wellington and his struggles against class, and with love and loyalty, during The Napoleonic Wars.  Sean Bean plays Richard Sharpe - and it is the most amaing TV series ... as are the books.
It gives a taste of lime in the early 19th century .. and again shows loyalty within his band of "Chosen Men", as well the 3 women he has long term relationships with.  A good series ... and a nice leading man ... what else do we want?


If any of you want me to chose 5 words for you, then ask in a comment.

On a side note - it is things like this patient failing to arrive which helps confirm that I am doing the right thing in looking to make a move.

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