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A Spike Drabble.

When I wrote my seasonal_spuffy  story I said that there was more to come ... well, there is, just not today!

I also promised myself I would write more ... well here is my first ever "proper" drabble, that I actually wrote during the lunchbreak of the osteopathic conference on Saturday ... so, as well as making some life-changing decisions, I also thought about Spike! Which was the more important I'll leave you to guess!

Set during BtVS, season 7 - between Showtime and Potential.
100 words.
Beta'd by the amazing mabel_marsters

Spike - The Watcher.




Was she coping? Would she be focussed? Was she safe?

She had so much on her mind at this time. More than she ever had in all the years he had known her. Some of these worries are constant, while others are added every day.

Healing takes forever when you’re waiting.

Waiting for that time when you can be watching her again.

He waits and is worried.

Time doesn’t wait.

He worries that their time is running out.

His body is healing.

His soul is healing.

But, will it be enough to save her in the end?


Spike The Watcher nomination

It has now been entered in Round 9 of the Running With Scissors Award


It has been entered in SunnyD Awards Round 22

Tags: btvs, drabble, fan fic, season 7, spike, spuffy
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