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A Morning Of Ups And downs - Literally

What a morning ... it started with me over-sleeping ... not by much, but it still throws the whole day out doesn't it?

Then, by the time I had walked DJ in from his field my breathing was so bad I decided to phone the doctor and try to get an appointment - No luck.  I asked about tomorrow - and was told to phone tomorrow!  (I'll try not to keel over before then!)

DJ was a sweety, as I didn't do much grooming - just made sure his saddle area was clean - and then just stood resting against the door - and he walked to me and just stood nuzzling my hand ... Boys can be sweet, can't they?

On the ride, he wasn't quite as sweet - he spooked at everything he could - although to be fair I think half of the British lorries were driving up and down the road today!  Even Rags was a bit jumpy.  Although when we walked down a small track, DJ did fall over and land on his knees.  Fortunately he wasn't injured and I stayed on - so a shock, but nothing serious.

Once back in his field I fed Spike and checked on the rest of Toni's horses to get home ... at the same time as the postman ... and ... my picture with James in Milton Keynes!  YEAH - it's arrived safely.  I don't have a scanner but Mum does, so will scan it over the weekend so that I can show those who want to see next week.

Well - it's almost lunch-time - So wonder what this afternoon will bring!

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