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Now I Know How Buffy Felt !

DJ came in from his field today - looking as if he was wearing a suit of armour - NO - He wasn't nice and shiny clean from the rain, he was absolutely covered in mud!  So much so that if I didn't know it was him I wouldn't have recognised him!

Fortunatly I was organised early this morning so I had 45 minutes to try to brush the mud off him ... and I learnt that dry mud when brushed produces ... yes ... dust.  So I had enough dust in my lungs as if I had been fighting a whole cemetary full of vampires!  No wonder Buffy wasn't always in the best of moods.

We got (almost) presentable by the time we had to leave to meet Ros and Rags ... whether I was able to breathe by then was another matter.

We just went around a 4 mile block on the roads as Rags, who is now fit, is in the process of being sold, so Ros doesn't want to injure him again.

Then back home with DJ - a carrot and out to his field .... So he could get down and roll and put his "suit" back on again - Much quicker than it took me to remove it!
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