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366 MEME - Day 88 - Bude Shops.

Bude now has a one-way system round it, but back in the days when the town was being built, the central item was a school.  This ended up as the town theatre, and now a small shopping street, which as you can see has one or two shops, of a more specialist nature.  I bought some new sandals over the weekend, and as with all my shoes, the first thing I have to do, is take them to have a heel lift put on.  Two days before my 21st, when I was run over, I was left with a bad back - and have worn a heel lift since.  Annoying to have to pay twice for my new shoes!!   Hard to see in the light, but the cobblers is the small shop nearest to me.

Tags: 366 day, bude, camera

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