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And - So, Home!

For any of you that have put up with my scribble over the last couple of days, this is the last posting about my 2 days of "Heaven-on-Earth", that I had in London!

I Had to be out of bed, in time to leave by 6.45 ... as I had not really slept for the 2 nights that wasn't a problem!

I decided at 5.30am I might as well give up the pretense of sleeping ... my foot was sore (LOL), and the adrenaline was still pumping!  I hadn't brought my normal Bible with me, so decided this morning to read my favourite book - Philippians.  It is written by Paul to friends, not long before he dies, yet it is full of love and hope ... With the great verse -

"God shall supply all your needs"

That is a verse I need, as I always muddle wants and needs! 

Anyway, there is also a  verse in there which says to -

"Whatsoever things are lovely ... if there be any praise ... Think on these things"

So, great to have a verse - and althpough Paul hadn't met James, I am sure that by stretching the verse, I could go back to my thoughts of the weekend!!

Anyway, once I had finished my QT, I showered, sorted the final things, and left.  As I got to Picadilly Circus it was to realise that the train problems were going to affect me, so I had to go out to South Kensington, to return to Victoria ... and then hurry to the coach station.  I just had time to grab a Danish and coffee (apple Danish, so it was healthy!!), before getting on the bus, and my final stage.

Although I hadn't listened to James on the way up, I turned on my mp3 onto James and let my mind drift.

Now to the weird part ....

I was listening to London City (and ironically it has just started as I began typing this sentance!!!!!!), and the word "Heathrow" came as I realised the coach was pulling to a halt - at Heathrow (and as the song went on - yes, there were slate grey skies)  That was both weird,a nd utterly amazing.  The bus stayed for some time, and then as it pulled out and re-joined the M4, Louise was playing - and as it was talking of Bristol (and Leeds), I saw the sign to Bristol.

So, my mp3 has obviously been programmed by James.

What a truly brilliant end to my weekend.

I had looked forward to, and wanted these days to come - yet, they went by so rapidly .. and that's the end of my James-dream for this year ... Hope he returns to London next May, as well!!

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