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Saturday Evening.

Just a brief note really - I'm almost done, only my journey home to go.   However, did want to post about this, as I knew it would make some of you laugh - but didn't want to add it to the concert write-up!

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When I got back to Picadilly on saturday night, I had to re-book in, which didn't turn out to be a hassle, in the end!  I then decided to change my shoes and go for a walk around Picadilly Circus and just let the day soak into me.

So, I took off my sandles, felt sore on my left foot, so presumed I had rubbed a blister (even though the shoes weren't new) ... I looked down, to see I'm standing in a puddle of blood.  Mentally had a moan about the cleanliness of the room, stepped back, to see more blood ... yes, I had managed to take a huge chunk out of the side of my toe that evening!

I always said I would do anything for James - but hadn't expected it to mean me shedding blood for him ... Thank goodness for JamesFog - not much pain!!!!!

And then people wonder where I get my username of Debris from!


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