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JamesFog - Or Not - It Is Still Wednesday!

Yes, DJ knows a Wednesday - however giddy I am feeling!

I got there early-ish, as I know his coat still needs sorting - and wanted to show Toni my pictures!!!!!!!  As it worked out, I was able to give DJ a good groom - after I had located him in his foggy field.  He is a grey - so thinks foggy days are great - I won't be able to find him.  Still, if I can't find him, then neither can his carrot!!

Toni came into the stables, without horse, to say she wouldn't be riding - her husband had spent 24 hours in hospital, while I was squeeeeeing in London, with heart problems.  He seems OK now, but he did have a heart attack back in 2003, so can't take risks.  Toni was looking very drained, so was giving herself a day at home, catching up ... and keeping an eye on her husband.

So, DJ & I went up to meet Ros and Shadow ... and I was able to squeeeeeee to her!!!

We didn't go far, as the visibility was not great  Any worse, and I wouldn't have gone out - there is only so much risk I will put DJ in.  We walked and trotted (and chatted) round the block.

So, as it was short, once back, I could feed DJ and take him staright out to his field again.
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