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The Marstersclass - Part 4 - Q&A

It's as I start to type this section up I wish I had a better memory!

James had an assortment of questions asked him, fromShakespeare, to his childhood dreams and when he had started going commando!

He gave each questioner his full attention, and answered each question.

He reminded us, again, that Shakespeare needs to be seen and not read.  They are great as plays, but not good to study, if that's all we do.  He answered (again) about his Picollo make-up, and said that his girlfriend had hated him in it, and that in the film, his son thought he "didn't suck" .... These were 2 of his ambitions when he started.  (He talked again of the age changes that had been made to scren the film).

When asked about theatre he was quick to jump in and disagree with what the questioner was saying, and reminded us that he loved theatre work.  He did think he had already had his special time when he had run a theatre company in Seatle, but would like to do so again.

We again were told his Spike story ... and that was as he was asked about writing for comics.  I suppose he thinks if he won't get to act Spike's story, so he would then write it.

He mentioned that he paints - not something I had ever heard before - but something he mentioned in passing.

I think, overall, there was a good selection of questions - and some great answers.  I should have made a note of them, or maybe just taken less photos!  (If you missed those, they were in my previous post)


All too soon the afternoon was finishing.  It had basically stuck to time, and James had been truly amazing .... As you may have already gathered, it was a special time for me!

We had about an hours gap, so I went and had a sandwich with redandglenda  and Catherine ... a great excuse to chat "James" as well!

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