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8 Years Ago Today ....

.... I was waiting for a vet to arrive!

Yes - I was horse-sitting for Toni and went to check on her (then) 10 horses ... to find 10 ... plus a black wriggling blob!  

Sorry DJ, but that is what you were!

Yes, his mum was on loan to Toni and no one knew she was in foal.  So I was the one who popped in with her 2 daughters on that eve to just check everything was OK ... Famous statement of "We will be 5 minutes, girls" ... 2 hours later and we are still waiting for the vet!

He was actually born in the middle of a very wet field and his mum, who was not a very friendly mare, was actually wearing 2 rugs (which for non-horse riders means that there are straps wrapped around the back legs!).  So how he was never strangled when he was born we will never know.

Maybe this shock start to life is why he cope with me now!


If you want to find out a bit more about this Connemara Pony - - then -
For those who don't know, this is how he got his name - DJ are my initials - and so he is my name sake!  His passport states his name as Cheeko Di Chento.

While he was living with his mum he used to let himself in and out of the field when he wanted ... If he got hungry then he used to walk to the gate and call to his mum who would come over so he could drink from her!

He was due to be gelded in the March 2001 - but this was just as the Foot and Mouth outbreak started ... so it was delayed.  ... Too long!  The following year he covered Stacey's mare (Toni's daughter) ... so he has a 5 year old daughter, now living in the North of England, called Queenie.

He stayed jet black until he was about 2 1/2.  Then he went Iron Grey .. until he was 4 1/2 then he went dappled grey ... and now is gradually turning white ... silver!!

He was broken in the summer of 2003 and given to me on permenent loan on July 27th 2003 when I lost my Jaykub.  However I didn't spend any time with him at all for 8 months.

In October 2004 he almost died of strangles ... and has a scar under his throat to show where the ulcer was.

He now shares his life with a 3 year old unbroken horse called Conrad who towers over him - but they get on pretty well.

And finally - taking a horses pulse is not always easy - I can find most ... But have never been able to find DJ's ... Do you think he is actually a vampire?

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