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The Marstersclass - Part 3 - Autographs


The next section of the day was taken up with autographs.  Each of us had one personalised one, and then could purchase others.  I decided to get a picture that I had taken of James last year at Union Chapel signed, and my personalised photo was the one that I had taken with him last year at Collectomania (the lower one of the icons on my side-bar of my journal).  He never does the personalised ones, so wanted to have one of him and me together.   The pictures were both copies that I printed out, as I like to keep the originals! 

We all had our names written on post-its by JMLive people, and then joined the queue in row order.  Most of us had brought an assortment of things for him to sign - and a percentage had also brought gifts for him, as well. 

As with the rest of the day, things were well organised, and everyone was friendly as we made our way to the table, and our turn of a minute talking to James.

This is where I yet again have to say how much I admire him - he was signing (not just his name this time) on our items .... getting all our names copied correctly - while still chatting to us about an assortment of subjects.  he commented on both my photos, and we talked about the concert of the previous evening ... and so I was pleased to be able to Thank Him, both for a brilliant time, but that he had sung London City. 

All too soon it was the next persons turn.

People ask why I like the guy - it is this aspect of him that shows how lovely he is - he shakes hands with us, looks us in the eye, answers questions ... actually converses with us ... while still getting the autographs one in a neat and even fashion, on the clearest part of the item that he can.

Below the cut are 5 pictures of him with others in the line - trying to show how he spends time with each of us.






For those who have commented in the past - only water, and the one tin of Red Bull!


While the signings were on, I was able to take some of these pictures, as well as chatting to a few friends - Catherine (who I had met last night) introduced me to redandglenda  and I also (at long last) got to meet cal_turner  and her daughter.

A great relaxed time.

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