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The Marstersclass - Part 2

Now it was time for the actual "Class" itself.

The session started off with James talking about his changes from Theatre to film acting, and the difference between the two mediums - and how he is unhappy with his original scenes in Buffy, where he feels he over-acted. However, Mr Marsters, there is much I would disagree with you about - However that is one thing. Spike needed to (and did) make an entrance ... then to watch from the posturing drama of a master vampire to an adoring partner of a sick lover, in a few seconds of film ... That is acting, the best you can get!

He talked about objective and obstacle ... I wish that the afternoon had been videoed as I would have spent more money and bought it! Although not an actor (and no way will I ever be one!) ... I do play in an orchestra, and a lot of the points James was making about focus and working with the rest of the cast through a scene made a lot of sense.

We all did a warm up session - neck relaxation exercises, which I can say are some that I am now going to prescribe to patients. They are great, and easy - and I hadn't heard of them ... so YAY - James helps an osteopath with her job! Gareth then did a voacl warm up exercise - and it was fun to watch James trip over the lines ... but sadly annoying to hear Gareth forget what he was doing ... and then have to finsh with the F word ... I'm sure that word wasn't in the original version!

They then gave us 2 scenes -

One of Spike and Giles in The Yoko factor, and the other of Ianto and Capt Jack in Kiss Kiss bang Bang.

To watch Spike emerge in front of my eyes was a treat to behold. Both scenes were played the same way - firsttly in the traditional style, as we had already seen on TV, and then in an over-acted style, making both scenes camp and ridiculous.

Kudos to James - he knew all his lines, Gareth ahd to had the script for the Buffy scene.

It was great - again, I would love to have a video and see them again. Both scenes were special moments in the stories, but to see them badly acted was tremendous. I have a feeling the next time I see either episode I shall be drawn back to this afternoon. How they held it together at the end was great - as the audience were in histerics wacthing Capt Jack and Ianto flirting ... so, both actors get points for that.

My opinion of James acting went up even further after these dispalys,a nd I was pleasantly suprised at how Gareth performed (as my least favourite of the Torchwood actors).

We then had an acting Q&A, with both of them answering a similar amount of questions.


More photos will be up in a minute!
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