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The Marstersclass - Part 1

The afternoon started on time, and we went into a bar area, where we could buy the Cap't John dols if we wanted. I am saving my money, so i was a good girl!

We then went into the theatre - and imagine my shock ... second row ... centre! I knew the seat allocation before I went in, but somehow I presumed I would be at the edge! I was sitting next to a lady who introduced herself from CDS (LateStarter) and another lady, whose name I promptly forgot!

As we had gone in we were given a goody bag - with a signed picture of Piccolo, a Battlesat Galactica Mousemat (I am old enough to love the original series), and a quiz. There was alaso a timetable, and about 3/4 of the bags had a magazine (but not me!)

Then Steve came and explained how the day was going to go.


Then it was time for the James-Fog to attack .... OOooops, I mean it was time for the photographs! Steve explained that we would all get one picture, and if we wanted any more we could buy up to 3 pictures ... So, bang went my theory of not spending any more money! Guess who bought some more pictures??? Yes, the easy option is that DJ can now go without his next set of shoes, I'm sure he wont mind, as it is all in a good cause!!

The order was roughly in the rows we were sitting in - and during the time they were showing "Teachers" on a screen.  This was apparantly filmed at The Queen Mary.  As well as seeing that, it gave us all a chance to get to know new poeple, and ctch up with friends.

Then it was our rows turn ... and we made our way downstaires. 

As ever, struck dumb by the lovely man!

I was lucky - a hug, then a picture, and he held me while the photographer checked the picture, and found it needed to be taken again - so the hug tightened, before it was time to leave him again ... with a whispered "Thank you" as all I could manage!

I then went up and bought the new tickets for the second oppertunity of pictures - well, this one may not have come out .... Although, here is the proof that it did -


We then went down again, and this time I managed a "Hello" as he gave me a hug, before I had my 3 pictures.  He is so patient, and caring - and great to have that oppertunity of being near him again!

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