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Friday Evening ~ Saturday Morning.

Well, I did warn you I would ramble!

As I was leaving Union Chapel (in a complete and utter state of James-Fog) I managed to focus enough to see deborahw37  and then as I was walking towards the tube I saw spikereader  ... So it was great to be able to see them both, as they have been great friends over the time I have known them ... Always good to be able to give and receive a hug in person - *hugs* you both again.

I then went back to Picadilly - hard to use the underground when you are floating - LOL

As I expected, I couldn't sleep .... even though I had walked around the shops and seen the statue of Eros!

The following morning, I then had to check out, and leave my luggage in storage.  xheartrockx  had suggested I leave it there, but thought that would end up confusing us both ... in the end the place worked out everything for me, and waived the storage fee.  So that was fine.

Then for the rest of the morning, I walked around some of "my" London.  I had hoped to meet up with dragonflylady77  but however hard we worked it, this time, it wasn't to be!

So, form Picadilly I walked down, via the Crimea Memorial to Trafalgar Square - so that I could also see my old college building.  from there I walked to Leicester Square, and up Shaftsbury Avenue and into Foyles (where all my college books had come from) ... Then I had coffee, and walked onto The Drill Hall ... arriving there about 3/4 hour early.  I had time to buy some water, and then joined the short queue ready to go in.

I had not long got there, when guess who arrived - James .... Yay, he looked happy and spoke to us all, so I said "Hello", at which he turned in my direction and grinned a "Hello" in return ... swoons!!!!

And so - time to go in!


Pics of London to follow soon!

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